Magdalena Headband

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A wide style Handmade Bridal Headband, Magdalena gleams beautifully in a Matte Gold finish encrusted with tiny stones Magdalena will dress your hair in golden elegance. Magdalena comes with a headband frame that allows you to easily adjust it to comfortably fit your head. 

Magdalena can also be worn as a Clip Fitting, allowing you to wear the piece at the back of the head as a Hair Cage. The Magdalena Clip Fitting is our new style of bridal accessory making a magnificent feature for the back of the head. 

Magdalena is a handmade bridal headband. We often have one in stock otherwise handmade orders may take three weeks to arrive. 

All our jewellery comes packaged in Windsor Bridal Jewellery packaging, featuring luxury boxes as a keepsake of your precious Windsor Bridal Jewellery piece.