How do your Custom Designs work?

Find a style you like, either from our collection or an inspiration piece and send us your image with a brief description of what you'd like to do. Bear in mind, the best results come from modifying an exisiting piece from our site.

What pieces can I modify?

All styles of jewellery are possible to modify, from Crowns to Side Combs to Earrings. Send us an email us about the piece and we'll see what's possible. Many of them are modifiable and can be altered to your own personal style.

How long does it take?

It can take anything from a few days to 3-4 weeks to make your piece. We have a very large range of components and we are making pieces everyday, we have been designing and making pieces since 1997. Our lead times can be very short. Get in touch for an estimate of your piece. Shipping times are additional.

What modifications are possible?

Shape Modifications:

  • Higher or Wider
  • "Tiara" style - Graduated to a peak
  • "Crown" style - Same height from end to end
  • "Multi-point Crown" style - More than one peak
  • "Narrow Headband style" - Sits flat on the head
  • "Wide Headband style" - Sits flat on the head

Extra Elements:

  • Swarovski Pearls
  • Swarovski Crystal Beads - Many colours available
  • Swarovski Crystal Stones - Many colours available
  • Lace elements
  • Leaves - Different sizes and shapes
  • Metal base Flowers
  • Ceramic Flowers
  • Pearl Flowers

How much does Custom Design cost?

A small modification might only add a little to the overall cost of the piece. Making a piece a lot larger might double the cost. Get in touch for a quote.

How does the design process work?

Contact us firstly by email with the product you would like to modify or an inspiration image. From here we usually contact our brides through different messaging apps to communicate our designs via photos and videos. These platforms include Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber and good old phone conversations and text messages. We are people after all! We are always available to chat and please don't hesitate to call us if you'd like!

Where are your pieces made?

Our pieces are Handmade in Australia. We make them in our studio in Hobart CBD Tasmania. 

My Wedding is really soon! What can I do?

We do last minute custom orders all the time. Provided you choose something to modify that is from our site we most likely can do it within a few days. Please bear in mind shipping times vary depending on where you are. We use Express Overnight in Australia and DHL for the rest of the world. Get in touch and we will quote you for a delivery time.

Feeling inspired? Send us an email below!