Windsor Bridal Jewellery sells to selected wholesalers only. 

Tip - Wholesale cannot Log in  - Please use 'forgot password' and re set your password.

Same minimum price online

We have a recommended retail price (RRP) for every product. Please use this price if you sell online. This ensures a level playing field for all. You can charge more than RRP price online but not less than it. 

Rules for online selling

Online sellers must have purchased an item to be able to sell it online. This is to be fair to all customers, especially those who have purchased a large stock. Anything sold online must be at the RRP.

Want to be a retailer?

We deal with Bridal Businesses worldwide. When you apply to be a retailer through our website you will not automatically be granted access to wholesale prices. We must review your application which may take up to 48 hours. We only deal with a selected range of retailers. Please ensure you fill out all fields in the application form and give as much detail about your business as possible. You will receive confirmation of your successful application via email. Apply to be a wholesale customer here

Display packaging included?

Every item is delivered in its own Windsor Bridal Jewellery display box or pouch – this is included in the price. To obtain sales we know that quality packaging is essential.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. It makes sense to order more than one item as the postage is the same for several items. If you just need one thing, we understand and that’s okay.

Returns and faults

We immediately replace or refund any defective item. We are very well known in the trade for our excellent after sales service.

Changes and Customisations

Yes, we can make small changes and certain customisation when possible.

Fast Delivery

In Australia, most orders are by overnight express. New Zealand takes 3 to 4 working days on average. In the UK and Ireland we have a dedicated office and stock so many orders are fast delivery. This is our UKwebsite 

For the US our DHL delivery time is around four to five working days. Europe by DHL roughly four to five working days also. 

Payment terms

We prefer payment by bank transfer, but we can also accept major credit cards. Details for payment are printed on your invoice.