Hannah - Gold

SKU: WH3632-Gold

A beautiful floral statement, Hannah is a gorgeous pale gold bridal headpiece. An arrangement of golden pearlescent leaves and floral elements embellished with tiny pearls and crystals combine to create a sweet sensation that is Hannah. With delicate crystal and pearl detailing, Hannah will radiate with beauty and elegance atop of your head. Lightweight and easily adjusted for individual comfort and style preference, Hannah will have you looking like a picture-perfect princess. 

Hannah is also available in Bright Silver and Pale Rose Gold.

Customising this piece is very popular. Brides love to make it bigger or smaller, add extra pearls or crystals and add extra components such as leaves. Some brides like it wide and the same height all the way across. Other Brides like us to form a centre peak that works out to about 6.5cm high. Find out more about our Custom Designs here

This piece comes luxuriously packaged in a customised Windsor Bridal Jewellery box that will keep your precious piece radiant and ready to wear.

Material: Swarovski Crystals, Alloy and Brass.
Weight: 118g
Height: 4.5 cm


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