Elizabeth - Gold

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Our beautiful Elizabeth headband is a wide-set design featuring an angelic array of crystals, pearls and gold pearlescent motifs. Elizabeth is an ornate wide headband that arches over your head with hundreds of diverse pearls. Twisted among the branches of pale gold peep out small circular crystals, some encased by gold pearlescent floral motifs. Elizabeth is a truly angelic pearl headband which follows an organic form. Elizabeth is soft and flexible and can be easily moulded to the shape of your head without pressure. 

Easily re shaped for individual wearing preference, this divinely hand-crafted creation is the perfect florally inspired crowning glory for the bridal look of your dreams. Elizabeth is also available in Silver and Rose Gold

This piece comes luxuriously packaged in a customised Windsor Bridal Jewellery box that will keep your precious piece radiant and ready to wear.

Material: Swarovski Crystal Pearl , Brass
Weight: 118g
Height: 5 cm
Length 34 cm