Anita Triple - Gold

SKU: WH6883-Anita-Triple-Gold

There is everything to love about the Anita Triple crown. This crown is the ultimate version of the Anita crown series. This piece features elegant embellishment with crystal and pearl details to give this crown a definite wow factor. For a crown of its size, Anita is ultralight and easily adjustable for individual style preference and wearing comfort. You won’t want to take this one off at the end of your special day.

Our Anita Triple in Gold is a triple height version of our Anita Gold Pearl Tiara(we can also make this in Silver and Rose Gold). Anita Triple is a unique crown designed in our studio. It is an exclusive handmade original piece. Anita Triple is adorned by pearls  and a crystal design that weaves itself in perfectly to form a modern, high rise five peak crown. Imagine our Anita Triple with a large beehive bridal up-do paired with a beautiful champagne coloured dress! Anita Triple is sure to impress and make a statement. The metal frame of our Anita Triple crown is bendable, allowing the crown to be easily shaped to your head with no tight pressure when wearing so that you can have a headache-free breeze of a wedding day. 

This piece comes luxuriously packaged in a customised Windsor Bridal Jewellery box that will keep your precious piece radiant and ready to wear.

Material: Brass and Swarovski Crystal, Pearl beads
Weight: 98g
Height: 6cm

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