SKU: WH2772-Alexandra

Ornate and original, Alexandra is a brilliantly bold statement high-rise crown. Fit for a queen, this crown features swirls of seed pearls and tiny crystals. Easily adjusted for individual styling preference and comfort, Alexandra is a masterpiece set in rhodium silver. If you are looking for a majestically memorable bridal crown Alexandra is the answer to your bridal dreams. 

Imagine walking down the aisle in your elegant bridal look, looking at the adoring faces of your loved ones. Wearing the Alexandra Crown your guests, especially groom, will be left breathless by your outstanding beauty and ravishing appearance. The eyes of your loved ones will adore you and your crown for the entirety of your special day. The Alexandra Crown suits all hairstyles up or down, allowing you to choose any bridal hairstyle to go with your complete bridal look. 

This Rhodium work of art has been delicately and genuinely handmade, with hours of craftsmanship to thoroughly assemble the intricate woven webs of swirling seed pearls and encrusted tiny crystals. If you are looking for a bold statement high-rise crown to add to an elegant bridal dress, Alexandra cannot be ignored. 

Material: Brass and Swarovski Crystal
Weight: 200g
Height: 8cm

This piece comes luxuriously packaged in a customised Windsor Bridal Jewellery box that will keep your precious piece radiant and ready to wear.

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