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Rose Gold Headband with coral colour beads  on a dark haired bride
Rose Gold Bridal Headband with coral colour beads worn at the front of a brides head
Rose Gold and Coral Colour wide headband worn by a bride

Alessandra - Rose Gold

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This is a Handmade Piece We usually have one in stock but we may have to make another for you. Please contact us in the question box below for an estimated arrival time when purchasing.

The headband version of AlessiaAlessandra is a stunning, wide-style headband with large sprigs of delicate rose gold metal leaves and coral coloured beads. Alessandra adorns the head beautifully as the dainty materials stretch from the base to decorate the hair. The metal leaves are encrusted with dainty stones that sparkle and shine in the light, a perfect finishing touch for all bridal looks. 

The Alessandra headband's metal frame is bendable, allowing the band to be easily shaped to your head for no tight pressure when wearing.

Alessandra is also available in Bright Silver Plating with White Opal beads.

The Alessandra is a handmade bridal headband. We often have one in stock otherwise handmade orders may take three weeks to arrive. 

All our jewellery comes packaged in Windsor Bridal Jewellery packaging, featuring luxury boxes as a keepsake of your precious Windsor Bridal Jewellery piece. 

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