Daisy's crown has a story. Its began many months ago when her lovely Mum Anne got in touch with us. She found us online and saw that we make Crowns by hand here in Australia. She saw our long story of making since 1997 and how we made crowns for Miss Universe Australia and celebrity and society weddings. We worked behind the scenes as suppliers to Couturiers and leading Bridal stores for many years in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. So she recommended Daisy to check us out.

Daisy happened to be coming on a weekend getaway so she was able to call in and see us. We have so many things that I think it was a bit overwhelming for Daisy to have so much choice. We have lots of special designs and one off pieces that we make all the time. She showed me pictures of her gown and I was able to get a feel for what she wanted. After that first meeting she went home and the process was able to start. She found that because of the way we work with video links it was no problem at all to be far away. 

Daisy was lovely to work with and very engaged with all the options we could give her. We were able to make a 'mock up' of her design where nothing is fixed to give an idea of how it's going to be. From that stage we progress to a fixed base and then we work to add embellishments which are small detailed parts in the colour and style she liked. In this case it was a pale dusty pink design with lots of tiny pearls. We softened the pink shade with pearl effect and the whole arrangement blended together wonderfully. 

Daisy wanted to make an heirloom piece she could pass down through the family and she wanted to add small parts as a remembrance of passed loved ones as part of the crown. I was able to find some parts she wanted that were an angel and a butterfly and build them into the piece while still maintaining the shape and feel of the overall design. 

Like so many Brides recently Daisy has had to postpone her wedding and we really feel for her. She is in one state, her parents in another. Her gown is somewhere else. She was able to recently have a civil ceremony but the big wedding is still to come. She is a lovely Bride and it is an honour to be chosen to be a part of her most special day. 

Windsor Bridal Handmade Custom Crown in blush sits on top of Windsor Bride, Daisy's head
October 16, 2021 — James Forsythe

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