A customer around the Sydney area contacted us through a Bridal Store asking for a custom narrow belt to be made in Pale Gold on a narrow Ivory Satin ribbon. She wanted the piece to go all the way around her waist which was 26 inches and asked to include some pale gold flowers to match her headpiece. We created a belt out of our Carmella Vine in Pale Gold by attaching it to a narrow ivory satin ribbon featuring our diamanté finishing tips. We added Pale Gold brass flowers with diamanté centre stones rather than pearl to suit the customer's style. The belt turned out to be very flexible and light. This piece was designed as a custom order but we can also re-create this piece again or in Silver or Rose Gold. 
We were delighted with the finished product as it was dainty and delicate and was perfectly fitted for our Bride's waist. We think this belt is simply divine!
Carmella Bridal Vine Belt with Brass Flowers on Windsor Packaging
Custom Gold Floral Belt modelled on a Bridal Dress
Custom Gold Floral Bridal Belt photographed on Windsor Bridal Jewellery Packaging
September 02, 2020 — Windsor Bridal Jewellery

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