Short Vines

A Pale Rose Gold comb sits at the back of a dark haired Bride

Bianca - Rose Gold

$109.00 AUD
Silver flowers and leaves bridal hair piece with a white look worn by a curly haired model with a stone wall background.

Livia - Silver

$219.00 AUD
Bride with curling black hair wears a pale rose gold flowers headpiece on the back of her head. A stone wall is the background

Livia - Rose Gold

$219.00 AUD
Blonde haired girl wears ceramic white flower and leaf vine.


$129.00 AUD
A Comb with different flowers and leaves in Pale Gold with pearls sits on the head of a blonde model bride

Bianca - Gold

$109.00 AUD
A Pale Silver Hair piece with leaves and flowers sits at the back of a dark hair bride

Bianca - Silver

$109.00 AUD
Astor Vine - Silver
Black Hair Bride wearing a Silver Crystal vine around the back of her hairstyle with a stone wall background


$99.00 AUD
Clear crystal and silver short hair vine worn by a dark haired bride


$89.00 AUD
Silver leaves wide headpiece with pearls worn on the back of a dark hair model with a white background

Elisa - Silver

$329.00 AUD
Eve Flowers - Gold

Eve Flowers - Gold

$139.00 AUD
Carmella Twin Silver Vine
Christy - Half Size

Christy - Half Size

$159.00 AUD
Astor Vine - Gold

Astor Vine - Gold

$97.00 AUD
Bianca Double - Rose Gold
Bianca Double - Gold

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