Handmade Jewellery

Silver flowers and leaves bridal hair piece with a white look worn by a curly haired model with a stone wall background.

Livia - Silver

$219.00 AUD
Bride with curling black hair wears a pale rose gold flowers headpiece on the back of her head. A stone wall is the background

Livia - Rose Gold

$219.00 AUD
Blonde hair Bride wears a Champagne Gold wide bridal headband with leaves with a stone wall background

Maeve - Gold

$329.00 AUD
Large hoop shape gold earring worn by a blonde model
Elizabeth - Gold

Elizabeth - Gold

$349.00 AUD
Anita Double - Rose Gold
Black haired model wears a pale gold and pearl low bridal headband

Sabine - Gold

$239.00 AUD
Dark Haired model wears a wide headband of flowers with the background of a stone wall

Odessa - Silver

$349.00 AUD
A dark haired model with curly hair wears a silver vine at the back of her head with stone background
Sold out

Pippa - Silver

$179.00 AUD


$478.00 AUD
Real Pearls Tiara with small silver leaves worn by a dark hair bride with a stone wall backdrop

Eden - Silver

$349.00 AUD
A silver teardrop earring sits in an ear of a model who has dark hair.

Lara - Silver

$69.95 AUD
A bride with dark hair wears a long drop Swarovski crystal earring.


$139.00 AUD
Clear stones in a gold hand made earring worn by a blonde model bride


$109.00 AUD
Rosemary - Silver

Rosemary - Silver

$89.00 AUD
A model bride wears a crystal drop earring. She has dark hair and there is a white background


$119.00 AUD

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