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Silver and pearl hair comb with clip fitting with matching earring on dark hair

Adaline - Silver

$99.00 AUD
A dark haired Bride wears a silver and ceramic flowers comb at the side of her head.

Vivian - Silver

$129.00 AUD
A Pale Rose Gold comb sits at the back of a dark haired Bride

Bianca - Rose Gold

$89.00 AUD
Dark haired model with long hair wears a side comb of silver leaves at the side of her head.

Yvonne - Silver

$79.00 AUD
Bride with bouquet of flowers wearing a silver leaf crown  and a curl of hair down one side

Hannah - Silver

$349.00 AUD
Dark hair bride wears a very pale gold tiara with pearls with a pear shape earring and a wall as background

Hannah - Gold

$349.00 AUD
A black hair model wears a silver bridal vine on the back of her head with leaves and pearls

Magnolia - Silver

$89.00 AUD


$399.00 AUD
Dark hair bride wears a double row headband of ceramic flowers with a background of white roses

Millicent Double

$399.00 AUD

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