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Double row wide Bridal Headband covered in hundreds of tiny stones worn by a smiling beautiful bride
Wide Headband encrusted with many tiny stones worn by a beautiful bride


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This is a Handmade Piece We usually have one in stock but we may have to make another for you. Please contact us in the question box below for an estimated arrival time when purchasing.

A magnificent wide headband, Alia is encrusted with hundreds of tiny crystals that gleam in the light. The generous double-row of clear crystal flowers creates a charming floral vintage bridal look. In a Rhodium finish, Alia can be worn either as a crown or flat across your hair as a headband. Alia's metal frame is bendable allowing the crown to be easily shaped to your head with no tight pressure when wearing. 

The Alia is a handmade bridal headband. We often have one in stock otherwise handmade orders may take three weeks to arrive. 

All our jewellery comes packaged in Windsor Bridal Jewellery packaging, featuring luxury boxes as a keepsake of your precious Windsor Bridal Jewellery piece. 

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